Western Dressage Tests

Western Dressage testsWestern Dressage is more than just another competition. It is helping equestrians everywhere develop a better partnership with their horses.  Western Dressage tests provide a progressive system of development for your horse.

NAWD embraces and supports all Western and Cowboy Dressage enthusiasts and we provide judging and feedback 24-7.  New for 2016 and Inspired by the work of Andrew McLean, NAWD is using the most ethical and objective judging system available to judge our Western Dressage tests.

Six times per year, we offer Nationwide Virtual Shows and will offer awards for the following Western Dressage Test categories.

NAWD Western Dressage USEF Western Dressage
All levels may be ridden in a large (20 x 60m) or small (20 x 40m) court.

NAWD tests are designed for people working at home, many of which do not have access to a large arena and there is some flexibility in the court size

Five levels.  Intro and Basic may be ridden in the small or large court, for Levels 1 -3 you will need a 20 x 60 meter arena
Tests through Level 1 average  4 minute ride time.

  • Faster upload for virtual shows
  • Easier memorization
  • Less fatigue on the horse
  • Ability to add more rides each day helps live shows cover their costs

Additional levels will be coming soon.

Tests are from 3 to 6 1/2 minutes
NAWD Tests are carefully designed to be progressive - each test builds on the last and we recommend that you ride all of the tests within each level  in the order that they are given.
Judges for the NAWD Tests in the virtual shows are allowed to rewind and are encouraged to provide an in-depth analysis in the comments of the scoresheets.

NAWD licensed judges use the NAWD Objective Judging System, inspired and assisted by Andrew McLean, PhD, CEO of Equitation Science International, this system demystifies the judging process and ties the word meanings of the numbers directly to the training scale.

Judges for the USEF Tests in the virtual shows are asked not to rewind unless video quality is poor or skips.  Comments will be similar to what you would expect at a live show.

If you would like more detailed analysis of your USEF tests (with rewinding) it is available through our 24-7 virtual system.