WD 1~2~3 Video Clinic Series

WD 1~2~3 Video Clinic Series

The WD 1-2-3 Video clinic series was created to give instructors a guide to follow when teaching Western Dressage.  It is a very general outline that gives you general structure but comes with built-in flexibility that allows you to share your own individual knowledge.

Each session includes a short lecture, mounted/unmounted work, and a virtual session.  This serves to allow participants to ride tests for feedback from a judge in a casual and fun situation.  

Each session builds on the last one, with subject matter becoming more advanced.

The WD 1-2-3 curriculum is available to our professional members.  If you are a professional member and would like a copy, please email northamericanwd@gmail.com

A special thank you to NAWD Professional Callie Klein for taking the lead on the creation of this great tool!

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