Virtual Testing and Coaching 24-7

Virtual Testing and Coaching 24-7

Compete from your own backyard with NAWD Virtual Shows

Virtual shows at North American Western Dressage are catching fire across the nation! Riders have the option of videoing their ride at home or riding at a host barn and then submitting for scores by qualified NAWD or USEF Western Dressage, Pre-Intro Leadline Western Dressage, Therapeutic Dressage,  Cowboy Dressage, Six feet on the Ground, Ranch Horse Western Dressage,  NAWD Trail, and NAWD All-Around Freestyle judges.

The casual, low-key atmosphere is giving people confidence to ride, try, and have FUN! The virtual show system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and several times each year we offer special events with real ribbons and prizes!

 There are just a few easy steps to follow:

1. Purchase your ride by clicking the button below.

2. Set up your arena in an area at least 50 feet wide x 100 feet long. Download the dressage court calculator for easy calculations of letter placement. Dressage Court Calculator 

Your arena doesn't need to be fancy. Any level area will work well and we have seen cones, trash cans, 5 gallon pails, just about anything used for markers.

3. Have someone video your test from the position the judge would sit, just beyond "C". Your videographer should use zoom just enough to help the judge see, but don't cut off the horse's legs or the rider's head, and keep the angle wide enough to see the geometry of the ride.  Movements in the test that are unable to be seen by the judge will receive a score of 4-insufficient.

Video from beginning to end of the test without stopping.

4. Upload the test to your own Youtube Channel, marked as "unlisted".

5. Send an email to with the rider name, horse name, and link to the video.

We'll send the video to our judging team and you generally will have results within a week (often sooner).   Results will be kept private and placed in your own personal "NAWD Vault", a place to keep all of your scoresheets so you can track your progress!

Virtual testing is available 24-7 and we have virtual shows with real ribbons several times each year

Scores may also be submitted for the NAWD Stars Achievement, NAWD Trax and TRAX Teams Year-End Competition Programs, and the NAWD Youth Achievement program.

Thanks so much and I am so pleased with the feedback on my tests, the judges do an incredible job! Julie

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  • Virtual Testing

    Virtual Testing

    Feedback round the clock! When you submit a virtual test, you will receive a score and comments from a NAWD Licensed judge. A great way to prepare for your next competition! Add Coaching to your virtual test for just $15.

    Virtual Testing

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