Six Feet on the Ground Program

2017 Six Feet on the Ground Program

NAWD's groundwork program provides a progressive system of tests for practice, training, and competition.  Working with your horse on the ground is the first step in developing a partnership and we should consistently take the opportunity to evaluate this most basic foundation building activity.  There are many different ways that people train their horses on the ground, and this program allows you freedom and flexibility to work with your horse in the way that is most effective for you.

Six Feet on the Ground is NOT a showmanship class.  Scores are not based on where you stand, how you hold the lead, or how much bling is on your halter or clothing.

In Six Feet on the Ground, we emphasize the principles in the training scale, which are applicable to every discipline and provides a working model for success even before we get in the saddle.


Click the links below to view groundwork rules and tests:

2017 Six Feet on the Ground Guidelines 

2017 Six Feet on the Ground Tests

Thank you to Dr. Michael Guerini and Amanda Lane of Double Lane Horsemanship for their contributions to the Six Feet on the Ground program.