Pre-Intro Leadline Western Dressage

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Scientific studies show that children's brains absorb information at the fastest rate under the age of 10.  Here at NAWD, we are dedicated to teaching good horsemanship skills at an early age!

 The purpose of the Pre-Intro Leadline tests are to introduce the young riders to dressage using the training scale. The emphasis each test is on the education of the rider and the effort that he/she puts forth.  Each young rider is accompanied by an assistant on the ground that has a leadline attached just in case they need a little extra help, but the assistant is not there to be the main source of control

Age Requirements: The suggested age for this class is 3-10 as of Jan 1 of the current season. Other ages may participate but will not receive prizes.

Participants receive scores to measure their progress and a participation prize but there will be no placings in this class.

NAWD Pre Intro Test 1 - walk only

NAWD Pre Intro Test 2-walk & jog/trot

NAWD Pre Intro Test 3 - walk & jog/trot

Pre-Intro (Leadline) Dressage and Western Dressage

Download PDF -NAWD PRE INTRO Guidelines 2016

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During the Pre-Intro Leadline tests, an assistant holds a lead rope and stays with the rider, but we want toGood horsemanship starts early with NAWD Pre-Intro Leadline Western Dressage!

see that the rider is making an effort to be in control and use the appropriate aids to guide the horse through a series of elements that you would typically see in a dressage test.

We encourage the assistant to coach the rider as they go through the test.