2017 Long-Reining Tests

Long-Reining will benefit you and your horse in many rewarding ways! Long-Reining (also called Long-Lining) is commonly known as a technique for transitioning young horses from ground work to working under saddle.  This provides a great next step for your young horse to reduce the level of confusion and anxiety when the rider climbs on for that first ride.

In addition, when used with attention to equine biomechanics and the science of movement, long-reining can be beneficial in many other ways. Integrating this type of groundwork into your training program can improve balance, rhythm, impulsion, and relaxation.

Anything you can do under saddle you can do in long-reins! Being able to see how a horse is moving brings a new understanding to the handler. This program enables you to fix problems you are having under saddle without the added weight of the rider.

This program is beneficial to horses of all ages, at all levels and as preparation for all disciplines. It is used by many classically trained Dressage horses at Olympic levels as well as the famous Lipizzaner stallions of the Spanish Riding School in Austria.  Now, with the help of Dan James of Double Dan Horsemanship, North American Western Dressage is pleased to bring a progressive set of tests to YOU!

These type of exercises are being used more and more around the world, thanks in part to our friend Dan James and his partner Dan Steers of Double Dan Horsemanship. NAWD is excited to begin a new partnership with these great horsemen as we come together to bring Long-Reining and Dressage together. If you are looking to try long-reining or perfect your skills, look no further than Double Dan Horsemanship’s terrific DVDs that provide great instruction in a safe and step by step system. Also available for purchase is their great book Long-Reining with Double Dan Horsemanship. Both are available on their website. Click HERE.

Click the links below to view long reining rules and tests:

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2017 Long-Reining Guidelines

2017 Long-Reining Test 1

2017 Long-Reining Test 2

2017 Long-Reining Test 3           Sample Video

2017 Long Reining Test 4           Sample Video

2017 Long-Reining Test 5          Sample Video

2017 Long-Reining Test 6         Sample Video

          Long Reining Diagram

These tests are inspired by Dan James of Double Dan Horsemanship.   Thank you to Amanda Lane of Double Lane Horsemanship for the creation of these tests and Mike & Laura Marquez of Vaquero Training Center for their contributions.

A note from Amanda Lane (author of the Long-reining Dressage Tests)-

As a full-time horse trainer I have been familiar with long-reining for a long time. This was something I often didn’t take the time to use in my programs. I’ve always believed that a soft, sensitive mouth was so important that I was sometimes afraid the long reins would cause me to lose that. However, now with the help of Double Dan Horsemanship and their great DVDs and instruction, I now see, understand and have witnessed the amazing benefits! Since recently getting involved with this process of writing these tests for NAWD, with all of the research, and trial and error, I’ve begun using this program on many of my client horses as well as some of my personal horses. The benefits and results have been infinite. I’ve even found some of my horses to really enjoy the Long-reining and therefore become a more willing and confident horse under saddle.

I cannot wait for people to begin this new direction and journey with their horses! I also cannot stress enough the advantage of learning from the Double Dan Horsemanship DVDs! There are so straight forward and simple for anyone to understand!  Dan James and Dan Steers take you from the very beginning with the importance of safety.  After that, they build step by step in a way that makes sense for you and horse. Our Long-reining Exercise Tests are modeled after the great exercises DDH uses in their DVDs. They are set up to truly help the horses and handlers move forward. I’m so excited to have Dan James become a part of NAWD!    -Amanda Lane