NAWD Stars – Western Dressage Trainer

nawdstars trainer Choosing a Western Dressage Trainer (or Cowboy Dressage) is a very important part of your horsemanship journey.  

Make sure that you interview your trainer thoroughly and ask for several references.  Ask if you can watch them work horses that they currently have in training.  Then, if you are planning to have them train your horse for Western Dressage, make sure that you ask them to tell you about the scores they have received by qualified Western or Cowboy Dressage judges.

Here at NAWD, we believe that trainers do not need to show in the ring to prove themselves in our programs, but they do need to "prove their worth" by achieving scores from a qualified Western (Cowboy) Dressage judge.  The NAWD Virtual Show system is an ideal way for trainers that don't have time to travel and show to obtain the scores they need to earn their stars.

North American Western Dressage is dedicated to promoting quality horsemanship across all organizations. Therefore, the NAWD Stars recognition system is currently free and open to everyone regardless of their membersonlyaffiliation.

Western Dressage Trainers achieve “Star Status” by obtaining 3 scores of 70% or greater at a specific level of Western Dressage.   Trainers are also eligible to receive a special, one-time-only star for Cowboy Dressage when they demonstrate proficiency by submitting 3 scores of 70% or more when judged by an individual that has been approved for Cowboy Dressage judging by the Cowboy Dressage World Team.  Test submitted through the NAWD virtual show system are always judged by approved Cowboy Dressage judges.

Trainers, please submit evidence of your scores to to be listed on this website.  You will also receive a digital star to display on your website/facebook page and a star on your NAWD Professional listing as well.

NAWD Professionals may earn an unlimited number of stars to be placed on their professional listing, but only one per level per horse.  Names of trainers will be listed on this page one time under the highest level Western Dressage star that they have achieved and once for Cowboy Dressage (if applicable).

Amateurs may  receive stars as trainers and will remain classified as amateurs with NAWD, as long as they are not training for compensation.  Your amateur status with other organizations may be jeopardized, please consult rules prior to submitting your scores for a trainer star.

THIRD level trainerUSEF Western Dressage Level 3  Lauren Annett
2ND level trainerUSEF Western Dressage Level 2 Hillary Stark 
first level trainerUSEF Western Dressage Level 1  Pamela McGeough
Hillary Stark
Linda Lamarche
Peggy Riley
Peg Helder
Patrick King  
Katie Weagley 
Linda Lee-Bower
Basic level trainerUSEF Western Dressage Basic  Amanda Lane
Mary Loden (2 Basic Trainer Stars)
Mike Marquez  (6 Basic Trainer Stars)
Katie Weagley 
Intro level trainerUSEF Western Dressage Introductory Level Amanda Lane
Laura Marquez
Kim Hillyer
Heidi Potter
NAWD Six Feet on the Ground   Michaela Lane
Amanda Lane
 NAWD Western Dressage Trail

P = Preliminary, N = Novice, I = Intermediate, A = Advanced


CowboystarCowboy Dressage  

North American Western Dressage reserves the right to revoke stars and remove names from this page.