NAWD Stars -Western Dressage Coach

NAWD Stars CoachHow do you choose a  Western Dressage Coach?  By choosing their name on a website?  By references or years of experience? We think that you should choose coaches that have a proven track record in Western Dressage (or Cowboy Dressage).  Here at NAWD, we have designed a system that will help riders know that the coach they are considering has successfully coached others.  membersonly

This system is free and open to everyone regardless of their affiliation.

Coaches earn their stars by helping riders achieve scores when judged by qualified Western (and Cowboy) Dressage judges during virtual testing or live shows.

Each coach can earn multiple stars and each star is earned by either:

  • Helping 2 students achieve 3 scores of at least 65% in any single level of Western Dressage.
  • Helping 2 students achieve 3 scores of at least 65% in any level of Cowboy Dressage.
  • A specially designed "rising star" will be awarded for helping a student move up from one level to the next in Western Dressage. (must show 3 scores of 65% in each level)

To receive your stars, you or your students must send proof of your students' achievements to in the form of scoresheets.  Virtual scores will also be counted  upon receipt of an email confirming your wish to include them in the program.

NAWD Professionals may earn an unlimited number of stars to be placed on their professional listing.  Names of trainers will be listed on this page one time under the highest level Western Dressage star that they have achieved and once for Cowboy Dressage (if applicable).

NAWDstarscoachTHIRD USEF Western Dressage Level3
NAWDstarscoachSECONDUSEF Western Dressage Level2
NAWDstarscoachFIRST2USEF Western Dressage Level 1  Fiona Gowers
Patrick King (2 Stars)
 Peg Helder
NAWDstarscoachbasicUSEF Western Dressage Basic  Janice Mumford
Hillary Stark
Cathy Drumm
Vaquero Training Center  

NAWDstarscoachINTRO2USEF Western Dressage Introductory Level
Cathy Cline
Hillary Rapier Stark

Paige Stewart
Michaela Lane
Cathy Drumm
Michael Guerini
Vaquero Training Center
NAWDstarsSHOOTINGSTARUSEF Western Dressage Level Up  Cathy Cline (Intro to Basic)
Fiona Gowers (Basic to Level 1)

Janice Mumford (Intro to Basic)
Hillary Stark (Intro to Basic)
Cathy Drumm (Intro to Basic)
Michael Guerini 2 Rising STARS (Intro to Basic, Basic to Level 1) 
NAWD Six Feet on the Ground    
 NAWD Western Dressage Trail

P= Preliminary, N=Novice, I = Intermediate, A = Advanced

CowboystarCowboy Dressage  Michael Guerini  

NAWD reserves the right to revoke stars and remove stars from this list