NAWD Stars -Ambassadors


NAWD Stars for Ambassadors promote the mission and values of North American Western Dressage, especially inclusion and partnership between individuals and organizations.  They promoted NAWD's mission and values, volunteer at events, and help build and support programs.  NAWD membership is not required, but these stars demonstrate the NAWD Mission, to provide resources for all to learn how Classical Dressage principles can help horses become partner and improve performance for any discipline.

Our primary focus is inclusion.  Dressage principles are for all riders and horses; regardless of breed, size, color, talent, educational background, prior discipline, or financial status.  We will strive to keep participation in affordable for our  members. 

Stars for ambassadors are awarded by NAWD.  NAWD Members may also nominate individuals for ambassadors by submitting their name and reason for nomination.


Kitty Williamson Salinas, who’s beloved father was a veterinarian, has loved and rescued and cared for animals as long as she can remember. Suffering the heartfelt loss of her “olds” – her heart horses Gus and Cochise in the last two years, she still rides and has begun to compete in NAWD  tests on her National Show Horse River, who has transitioned from main ring showing, through a little competitive trail, and now to Western Dressage. These days, on her Texas ranchita “Salud Equestrian”, you see a range of her own, other people’s, and rescued and rehabbed horses and donkeys of all ages, sizes, conditions … not to mention dogs and kitties. She is an outstanding Ambassador for all that NAWD emulates, providing a gathering room in her barn for clinics, meetings, discussions and education about all elements of riding, horse care, hoof care. You most often will hear the ring of laughter while at her barn … both in the gathering room, in her round pens and pastures, and while enjoying her covered arena.  Kitty's restaurant, Ay Chiwawa, has been a generous sponsor for Texas Bluebonnet, Texas Chili Bowl, and the Festival for the Horse.  We tape a lot of NAWD tests at her barn, talking and learning and laughing, and all supporting each other. I can think of nobody else in our area who better serves North American Western Dressage’s goals.
Sherry Rosser Carroll is awarded a NAWD Ambassador Star for her promotion of virtual shows and Western DressageSherry Rosser Carroll in Texas. Sherry organizes state-wide Virtual Shows in Texas and has travelled far and wide with her video camera to help people submit their videos.  In October 2016, Sherry organized sponsors and barns to participate in the the Texas Chili Bowl virtual show featuring buckles and conchos for high point versatility winners and she brought home a buckle herself with her performance with Hondo, belonging to Dawn Spangler.
JeanStarJean is awarded a NAWD Ambassador Star for her tireless and endless promotion of Western Dressage at events and shows in the eastern US.  Jean has recently accepted the role of "Events Committee Chair" here at NAWD.  She manages the calendar and will be heading up the team organizing regional shows.  She also serves as the main contact person for our show recognition program.  Hat's off to Jean Donhauser, new NAWD STAR for October, 2015
COELI NETSKYNAWDstarsambassador  CoeliCoeli is awarded a NAWD Ambassador Star for her contributions to promoting Western Dressage and for working to develop opportunities for 4H youth to learn and participate in Western Dressage. Coeli is an ARIA Certified instructor (since 1989) and is a NAWD Licensed Judge for Western Dressage. As 
LYNN PALMNAWDstarsambassador Lynn is awarded a NAWD Ambassador Star for her contributions to promoting Western Dressage Lynn Palm My Royal Lark
and for her continuing commitment to excellence as an educator, trainer, showman, exhibitor, and judge.  Lynn is a Seven-time Western Dressage Association of America World Champion, AQHA Professional Horsewoman, and USEF "R" Western Dressage Judge. She is working tirelessly to promote Western Dressage throughout the world and presented at the 2017 Adequan Dressage Festival
MICHELLE GUILLOT  NAWDstarsambassador Michelle GuillotMichelle is awarded a NAWD Ambassador Star for her contributions to promoting Western Dressage through her artwork and for designing collector ribbon awards for NAWD. 
GINA DeSANTIS NAWDstarsambassador GinaGina is awarded a NAWD Ambassador Star for her contributions to promoting Western Dressage, hosting NAWD Virtual Show events, and for her commitment to excellence in coaching youth in Traditional Dressage, Western Dressage, and Safe Horsemanship. 
BARBARA LONGNAWDstarsambassador BArbara LongBarbara is awarded a NAWD Ambassador Star for her contributions to education in Western Dressage.  Barbara is a lifelong educator and currently serves as an Advisory Director for the Western Dressage Association of America.  She continually works to educate all Western Dressage enthusiasts, regardless of their affiliation, breed preference, or experience level. 
PATRICK KINGNAWDstarsambassador PatrickPatrick is awarded a NAWD Ambassador Star for his contributions to promoting Western Dressage throughout the United States and Internationally. Patrick has received NAWD Stars for his accomplishments as a Coach and Trainer. As a NAWD Professional Member and Preferred Clinician, Patrick has been instrumental in promoting NAWD Virtual Shows. 
 KRIS BLACKLOCKNAWDstarsambassador KrisKris is awarded a NAWD Ambassador Star for her contributions to promoting Western Dressage in Wisconsin. Kris is an avid competitor who works to help herself and others succeed in developing great relationships with horses.  Kris was instrumental in creating the NAWD Trail tests and participates in many horse related activities ranging from ground work, trail riding, western dressage, and cowboy dressage.
DONNA SYNDER-SMITH     NAWDstarsambassador DSSDonna is awarded a NAWD Ambassador Star for her contributions to the development and growth of Western Dressage by providing input for judging, discussing and teaching proper biomechanics of horse and rider, and contributing to the learning opportunities for all who are interested in this growing sport. 
 MARTINA BONE NAWDstarsambassador Martina BoneMartina is awarded a NAWD Ambassador Star for her service as a judge for Western & Cowboy Dressage through our virtual show system.  She not only judges as a graduate of the "L" program, but rides Cowboy Dressage as well as traditional.