NAWD Press Releases

NAWD Press Releases

NAWD Press Releases

These are press releases from North American Western Dressage.  We welcome you to download and share these press releases with interested parties.   If you have any questions or would like to contact us for more information regarding these press releases, please call 504-246-NAWD (6293) or email

1/4/2016 - “NAWD Voices” Conference Call Series connects exhibitors with judges for greater education

12/21/2015 - NAWD PreIntro Leadline Press Release

12/18/2015 - NAWD Objective Judging System Press Release

12/17/2015 - NAWD Ranch Horse Western Dressage Press Release

11/30/2015 - NAWD Six Feet on the Ground Press Release

NAWD WD Symposium


NAWD Youth Club Equestrian Program

NAWD HEART Scholarship Press Release

NAWD Western Dressage TRAIL Tests

NAWD May Trailblazers Virtual Show

NAWD Youth Phase III program

NAWD Winter Thaw Show and Equestrian Artist Collector Ribbons 

NAWD School Partnership Equestrian Competition Program

NAWD Youth Achievement Program Press release

NAWD Western Dressage Judge Licensing Program

NAWD Stars Program Recognizes Successful Horsemanship