NAWD Mission Statement

NAWD Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide resources for our members to learn how Classical Dressage principles can help the Western Horse become a better partner and improve  performance for any discipline.

Our primary focus is inclusion.  Western Dressage is for all riders and horses; regardless of breed, size, color, talent, educational background, prior discipline, or financial status.  We will strive to keep participation in Western Dressage affordable for our  members.  We will strive to work with breed associations to bring Western Dressage to their specific breeds and meet their needs and goals.

We will simplify the concept of dressage without minimizing the importance of the training pyramid nor sacrificing the principles that are fundamental to classical dressage.

We will demonstrate that any horse can become a better partner through Western  Dressage. We will work with equine rescue organizations to identify potential Western Dressage partners and will show, by example that great horses can come from unusual places.

We believe that our youth is the future of our industry.  We intend to deliver quality educational resources and special privileges to equestrians under the age of 18.

We will educate the public about this exciting new sport and provide opportunities to compete and receive feedback.  We will provide an open and inviting atmosphere at our events and will emphasize safe and fun competition. We will provide equal opportunities to all equestrians including youth, amateur, professional, and para-equestrians.

We will welcome all organizations and individuals to join us and we will not discriminate for any reason.