NAWD Licensed Judges

Western Dressage Judges are in high demand across the nation! Western Dressage Judges

Western Dressage Judges at North American Western Dressage judges go through a very detailed examination program for gaining their NAWD Judging License.  The exam includes a written test, followed by a demonstration of skills, scoring competency, and accurate comments on a wide range of tests.  Learn more about the licensing process by following this link.  Still have questions?  Send an email to

Western Dressage Judges must have an understanding that Western Dressage is not merely dressage in a Western Saddle, but is the application of classical principles to the western horse.  We must always judge a horse according to its conformation and the demonstration of classical training scale elements.  Our judges do not reward unnatural gaits and bigger is not necessarily better.  

Our judges give honest feedback and are chosen for their understanding of judging as educating the rider as well as assigning a score.  Once you obtain your license, you will have the credentials necessary to judge at our virtual shows and scores from live shows that you judge will be eligible for the NAWD Trax year end recognition and points program.

Judges are trained and approved for judging in the following divisions: Western Dressage, Traditional Dressage, Six Feet on the Ground,  NAWD Trail, and NAWD Ranch Horse Western Dressage.

These judges continue to undergo  training.  Those that are approved to judge for Traditional Dressage do so through the Dressage on a Dime judge licensing program.

  JUDGE  Approved Divisions
Donna Snyder-Smith
 Western Dressage, Traditional Dressage
Coeli Netsky
 Western Dressage, Traditional Dressage, Leadline
Danielle Koeppen  Western Dressage, Traditional Dressage
Amanda Lane  Western Dressage
Michelle Binder Zolezzi  Western Dressage, Traditional Dressage
Linda Lamarche Western Dressage
Evelyn Pfoutz Western Dressage, Traditional Dressage
Anna Schreibl Western Dressage, Traditional Dressage, Leadline
Linda Sorensen Western Dressage, Traditional Dressage
Barbara Soukup Western Dressage
Jen Johnson  Western Dressage, Six Feet on the Ground, NAWD Trail
Michael Guerini, Ph.D.  Western Dressage, Six Feet on the Ground, NAWD Trail,
NAWD Ranch Horse
Julie Slater   Western Dressage, NAWD Ranch Horse, NAWD Trail
Stephanie Burgess Traditional Dressage
Michaela Lane Six Feet on the Ground
Alece Ellis Gaited Western Dressage, Gaited Traditional Dressage