Host a Virtual Show

Become a Virtual Show Host

Hosting a Virtual Show is fun, easy and rewarding.   It comes with many benefits including:

  • The opportunity to earn revenue and bring new clients to your barn
  • Free advertising on the  NAWD website and Facebook Pages (exposure to an audience over 30,000)
  • A link to the completed tests and videos - a fantastic learning opportunity for you and your students to view together
  • Earn a professional membership when you accumulate 30 rides

Here's how it works.

Choose your dates

We can provide templates for flyers and we will put your show on our calendar.

Choose your tests

You may choose:

  • NAWD Six Feet on the Ground
  • NAWD Trail
  • NAWD Freestyle
  • NAWD WD Ranch Horsesmall-arena_tn
  • NAWD or USEF Western Dressage tests
  • USDF Dressage tests

All NAWD tests are designed to be ridden in the small (20x40) arena with flexibility to downscale your arena to 55x110 feet.

Download our handy calculator to set up your arena

Your Judge

We will work with you to choose a judge that is right for you.

Arena Set up

You don't need an official dressage court, cones or letters on the fence are fine.  We understand that many arenas are designed to be 60 feet wide.  Therefore, we allow a reduced minimum width of 55 feet to host NAWD Virtual Shows


Make sure your insurance is adequate. If you do not have commercial liability insurance, you can purchase it through us, Our current cost is $60 per day. This is a fabulous option for amateurs that wish to host virtual shows.


You'll need a video camera with a tripod. Smartphones are OK, but the zoom helps the judge see your test. Videos that are clear and easy for the judge to see will generally score higher. If you are going to charge for your services we need to make sure that everything is as good as it can be. At your request, we can run some tests prior to the show to make sure you are familiar with the uploading process.  

Make sure you have adequate battery power and memory on the day of the show.  The camera is to be placed beyond "C", where the judge would sit, far enough from the end of the arena so that the corners can be seen.  The bed of a truck or other platform can help with perspective. Also, you will want to consider the effect that glare from the sun can have on the lens.


NAWD charges $20 per ride for feedback  or $25 for a show with placings and ribbons and you can add coaching to your tests for $15 each. You may advertise as a host barn in one of our NAWD National Shows or host your own local show.

A Virtual Show Host may add charges for their services. Most hosts are charging $30 ($35) and keeping $10 for themselves.  Office fees are waived for host barns that submit 6 or more rides and collect fees from riders.  After the show, they will send a check to NAWD.

Membership in NAWD is not necessary to participate in the virtual shows. 


All scores may be used for the NAWD Stars program which is free for our virtual show riders with no membership required.  If riders wish, they may become members and register for year-end awards (Trax Competition) or register for a Team under the Team Trax Program.  NAWD Membership is required for TRAX.

We will share a google doc with you where you will list your show participants and videos.  

Submitting your Videos

You will submit the videos to us by uploading to youtube.  Upload the videos to your own channel, set the videos to "unpublished" and send us a link.  

Please practice uploading before the actual shows so you can budget the time needed.  Depending on your internet connection and the quality of your video, uploading can take a long time. Many find it helpful to set videos to upload overnight.

The title of the video should include:

  • Rider name
  • Horse name
  • Division
  • Class
  • Test level
  • Test number

Wrapping up

We will send videos and set test sheets to the judges, who will score and email directly back to the riders.  We will also share the entire show vault with the host, so that you may go over results with your riders.  If you have opted for a show with ribbons and placings, we will send them to your barn to be distributed.

Call 507-246-NAWD or email with questions or just email your dates and we'll get going!