North American Western Dressage offers recognition and education for riders from all backgrounds as we help equestrians enhance their performance, relationship, and the long-term soundness of their horse.  

NAWD is providing riders the opportunity to compete and gain feedback from the comfort of their own backyard using the power of video.  Video gives our judges the power to take unlimited time to view your ride your ride and plenty of time to consider what they are seeing.  They are encouraged to give lots of comments and give you suggestions for improvement if they feel inspired to do so.  Watching your video allows you to see what the judge is seeing and make adjustments.  Riders from around the world are enjoying the benefits of this progressive training system at stables everywhere and from the comfort of their own backyard.

North American Western Dressage believes that Western Dressage is more than a competition or discipline.  Western Dressage is a progressive education system that provides a foundation for anything you wish to do with your horse.  Whether you choose to pursue reining, ranch, games or trail, Western Dressage teaches your horse to carry himself properly to enhance physical health and wellness.  The variety of options for participation promote mental health and a positive partnership between horse and rider.

  • Virtual competitions worldwide for Western Dressage, Six Feet on the Ground groundwork tests, Ranch Horse, NAWD Trail, & NAWD All-Around Freestyle rides.
  • Traditional dressage virtual resources via our sister organization, Dressage on a Dime.
  • Judge's education and licensing
  • Resources and Recognition for Professionals
  • Show Recognition
  • NAWD Stars achievement program and NAWD TRAX Year end awards for live, virtual, and team competition
  • Groundwork, trail, ranch horse, and freestyle tests and competition
  • Pre-Intro Lead-Line classes for Young riders and Therapeutic tests for Disabled Riders

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North American Western Dressage is a non-profit organization registered in the state of Minnesota and dedicated to providing resources for equine education and friendly, affordable competition.  When you become a member of NAWD, you support an organization that is committed to putting the welfare of the horse first.