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2017 Summer Virtual Ranch & Trail Show – Nationwide

June 16, 2017 - June 25, 2017


NAWD Summer Virtual Ranch & Trail Show 

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  • 2017 Summertime Ranch & Trail Show June 16-25

    2017 Summertime Ranch & Trail Show June 16-25

    2017 Summertime Ranch & Trail show includes NAWD Ranch Horse, NAWD Trail, and 6 Feet on the Ground.

    Gaited horses are welcome! Please ride NAWD or USEF tests and substitute your gait for the "jog or trot" for this show. Gaited horses are judged by a gaited specialist judge Alece Ellis from Friends of Sound Horses

    Membership is not required, there is a $2 per test surcharge for non-members. Fees are non-refundable. Office fee applies and increases when you register after the show opens.


    2017 Summertime Ranch & Trail Show June 16-25

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Ranch horse competitions have been exploding in popularity, and in an effort to help more riders develop the partnership these events require, North American Western Dressage (NAWD) is pleased to introduce our new Ranch Horse Program. This exciting new program celebrates the athletic abilities of the working ranch horse while demonstrating the benefits that can be gleaned from Western dressage training.

Inspired by the ranch riding classes so popular in stock horse associations, our ranch riding program combines dressage training-scale values with maneuvers used by the working ranch horse, including hesitations, sidepassing, rollbacks and more. Horse and rider must work together to complete a prescribed pattern of maneuvers while showcasing calmness, relaxation, balance, precision, obedience and self-carriage.

The purpose of this program is to demonstrate how the ideal Ranch Horse displays calmness, relaxation, and balance while obeying the rider’s slightest cue.

Sign up to ride in our August show - ride a test at home or at Vaquero Training Center and submit your ride for feedback and placings.


Ranch Horse Western Dressage Progression:

Ranch tests incorporate a variety of movements with increasing level of skill and balance required for both rider and the horse. In Ranch Western Dressage, we combine the detailed scoring and feedback system found in dressage with techniques that the working ranch horse uses.

Learn more and Download Tests

NAWD encourages a progressive riding plan for these Ranch Horse tests. These tests are presented in such a way that the horse and rider will benefit from beginning with test 1a and then progress to 1b, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, and 6b. We recommend a score of 65% or greater on each test before horse and rider progresses to the next highest test. Ranch Horse will be offered for 24-7 virtual testing in 2016 and we will have multiple nationwide virtual shows available.


Mike Marquez North American Western Dressageyellertrack

Thank you Michael Guerini of Dun Movin Ranch, Julie Slater of Slater Horsemanship, and Mike Marquez of Vaquero Training Center for your contributions to the development of the Ranch Horse Program.

NAWD Trail Tests

Sherry Rosser Carroll

NAWD Trail tests are not an obstacle course, nor are they meant to desensitize your horse to scary objects.

Rather, they are meant to test how well you and your horse are connected mentally and physically. Can your horse maintain rhythm and relaxation over ground poles? Can she/he bend laterally as she/he serpentines around cones? Can you back your horse through ground poles and around a corner without resistance? Can you ride one-handed for short periods of time when your other hand is required to do specific tasks?

NAWD Trail tests your partnership, confidence, and skill.

Tests are progressive and based on a simple court that remains consistent throughout the trail test levels.

In 2016, North American Western Dressage is pleased to present the following Western Dressage Trail Tests. We have added an In-Hand Test and a Primary (lowest level) test.

NAWD Trail Test Diagram
NAWD 2016 Trail Test Guideline

NAWD 2016 In Hand Trail  -------- View and Print Diagram

NAWD 2016 Primary Trail Test

NAWD 2016 Novice Trail Test

NAWD 2016 Intermediate Trail Test

NAWD 2016 Advanced Trail Test


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