Coach’s Corral

Online coaching is the way of the future!  With higher fuel prices, family obligations, and busy lives, riders are finding it more difficult to make that weekly trip to the barn for horseback riding lessons. Whether you are looking for a solution to a specific problem or seeking a long-term commitment with a personal coach, Coach’s Corral has the program to fit your needs.

GretabarebackAre you seeking confidence and a better relationship with your horse? – Coach’s Corral will help.

Do you want to improve but lack the time to fit into the local coach’s schedule? – Coach’s Corral is the solution that allows you to work on your own schedule.

Would you like to try a new discipline but are not sure where to start? –Coach’s Corral will custom tailor a program to start you and your horse on the path to success.

Do you go out to ride your horse but find yourself riding in circles without a plan for improvement? – We have plans made for you!

Have you ever gone to a lesson with a trainer and been told “that’s too much horse for you” or ended the lesson feeling more confused than when you started? – We will take the time to explain and guide you on this journey.

Our coaches will evaluate your videos and work with you to develop a progressive, customized plan based on your individual goals and needs.