2017 TRAX results

2017 TRAX Results

NAWD will award over $4000 in prizes and ribbons to TRAX participants this year to riders who competed from the comfort of home through virtual shows and at Live shows across the nation.   Registered NAWD Members who submitted the required minimum number of tests are recognized here.

NAWD members who registered for TRAX accumulated scores all year for Live and Virtual Team TRAX and Individual Versatility TRAX.  Congratulations to everyone!  

Thanks to all the participants and to our NEW TRAX Committee members Crystal Short, Stacey Gorman, and Brittany Doerfer for gathering and verifying scores.  Lindsay Buhrmann is heading up TRAX for Education.  Points for 4th Quarter are due and results will be coming for that division soon

2017 TRAX Versatility, TRAX Teams, and Live TRAX

TRAX Championship Virtual Show

Riders across the nation ponied up to ride in the 2017 TRAX Championship and will be awarded high point, versatility, and costume contest credits and artisan ribbons by Michelle Guillot.   Thanks and congratulation to all of the riders that participated and all of the judges who are diligently working on scoring these tests.  Scores are listed as they come in and the judges will be voting on the best costumes.

NAWD TRAX is an awards program that gives horses a riders the opportunity to earn prizes and awards as they compete from the comfort of their own backyard.  Participants save time and money as they do not have to travel or pay stalling fees.  NAWD TRAX offers Individual Versatility and Team TRAX awards for tests that are accumulated throughout the year and hosts a month-long TRAX Championship Invitational show - these are the results for that show. 

A special thanks to host barns Vaquero Training Center in Connecticut and Double Lane Horsemanship in Wisconsin for their support for this program as well as Sherry Rosser Carroll for assistance with show management.