2017 TRAX for Education

TRAX for Education


TRAX for Education

Because there is more to 
horsemanship than winning
at a show.



NAWD TRAX for Education gives members credit for learning and growing in many different areas of horsemanship.

We all know that competition is one way to learn and become better partners to our equine friends.  However, there are many other ways to work towards achieving our goals.  NAWD TRAX for Education gives you credit for learning and growing in many different areas of horsemanship.  

When NAWD members sign up to participate in NAWD TRAX for Education they become eligible to earn points for equine activites. Registered members accumulate points during months that they are active in the program.  As they accumulate points, they will become eligible for awards and prizes from NAWD.  Prizes include conchos and many other valuable prizes.

When you join in the middle of a month, you are covered for the entire month.

Here's how it works:
1.  Register for NAWD Trax for Education and you will receive a link to worksheet. You will then use the NAWD Trax for Education worksheet to enter the activities you complete for TRAX Prize Points.  TRAX for Education2.  On a quarterly basis, you should review your NAWD TRAX for Education points worksheet and determine if you have reached one of the rewards levels designated below.

3.  There are 2 ways to submit your points - electronically or via mail.  
     ~If submitting electronically, simply download your worksheet as a PDF file and email it along with scanned copies or photos of the required supporting documentation.  
     ~If submitting by mail, print your worksheet and mail it along with supporting documentation to: 

NAWD TRAX for Education
9174 Endicott Ave NW
Maple Lake MN 55358

Designated levels for rewards:

10 points – NAWD TRAX Stall Sign with spaces for stickers and invitation to ride in NAWD’s National Championship virtual show in October

25 points – NAWD Bronze Level sticker for stall sign or $10 in prize points from NAWD

50 points – NAWD Silver Level sticker for stall sign and $15 in prize points from NAWD

75 points – NAWD Gold Level sticker for stall sign and $20 in prize points from NAWD

100 points – NAWD Platinum Level sticker and $35 in prize points from NAWD

When participants reach designated TRAX for Education point levels, they shall be eligible to purchase or use points to receive a concho for the level that they have achieved.  In addition, earn points for other achievements at NAWD and combine them to purchase your choice of awards from the NAWD Prize Page. We take orders for prizes on a quarterly basis.

Submission Information:

Documentation for rewards is eligible to be submitted during the following time frames.  If documentation is received outside of these time frames, it will not be eligible for rewards.

To submit electronically, download your completed Education TRAX worksheet as a PDF and email it with supporting documentation with “TRAX for Education Submission” in the subject line to NAWDTRAX@gmail.com.  Only submit your worksheet when you have earned enough points to qualify for one of the levels listed above.

If you prefer, you may mail your worksheet and supporting documentation by US Mail to:

NAWD: Attention TRAX for Education
9174 Endicott Ave NW
Maple Lake, MN 55358

Registered members submit proof ONLY when designated levels are reached and during the time frames listed below.  Your TRAX for education account must be active at the time points are earned.  Points earned on incomplete submissions will be permanently disqualified (you may not resubmit)

Jan -March ~ Quarter 1:          Postmarked April 1 - 10

April - June ~ Quarter 2:         Postmarked July 1 - 10

July - September ~ Quarter 3:         Postmarked Sept 1-10

October - December ~ Quarter 4:     Postmarked Jan 1-10

Points will roll over to the following year as long as your TRAX for Education Account remains active.  TRAX for Education is very affordable at $7.99 per month and there is a discount for a yearly subscription.

Ready to sign up?  You must be a NAWD Member.  Log in to your NAWD Account and click on of the buttons below 

If you click the button and jump to the NAWD Membership page, we may need to upgrade your access.  If this happens, please send an email to members@northamericanwesterndressage.org.